What Are Liquidated Damages or Consequential Damages?

These two terms are very important to understand. See what happened to one of our clients and why it’s important to understand what you’re agreeing to....

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Don’t Sign That Blank Permit!

Never sign a blank document, and expect the other party to play by the rules. I’ll explain why some shady contractors ask you to sign blank permits when in reality you should not. Watch this video, it could save...

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That Allowance in Your Construction Contract is a Buried Landmine

Make sure you read that contract carefully, if the price is to good to be true it probably is. I’ll show you how some not so nice contractors use this trick to have artificially low rates. Plot twist – the...

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What’s The 1 Thing All Bad Contractors Have in Common?

Nothing worse than having hired a terrible contractor for your project. I’ll give you some red flags to watch out for so you don’t get duped....

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What Does a Construction Lawyer Actually do?

Have you ever wondered what a construction lawyer actually does for their clients? Watch this video and we will tell you....

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